About Us

In 2009, a few of us launched a wine label called 90+ Cellars as a way to offer people great bottles of wine at a price that would make them smile, high five or hug.  In our search for wine for 90+ Cellars, we sometimes fall in love with bottles from unique places and grape varieties.  Often these wines have flown under the radar of wine critics, and sometimes have a history of being blended into to other wines.  Believing that some wine drinkers are equally adventurous, we decided to create a new label called Earthshaker.  Earthshaker is a collection of wines that focus on place more than points, and stories more than scores.  

Many people who make and sell wine have a philosophy that motivates them and influences the wines they make or sell.  This is ours. 

  1.  The purpose of wine is to make people happy. 
  2.  Always share wines you love with others.
  3.  Your favorite wine is probably one you haven’t tried yet.
  4.  A special bottle is a memorable one, but not necessarily an expensive one.
  5.  Making great wine starts with healthy soils.
  6. It is better for a wine to be exceptional than typical.
  7. There is a difference between what’s traditional and what’s just old.
  8. It’s okay to call yourself a wine purist, but try to avoid being a wine fascist.
  9. There is no such thing as a wine that tastes great to everybody.
  10. There is no beverage on earth that can surpass a great bottle of wine.