Rosé de Pinot Noir, Coteaux du Giennois, Loire Valley, France, 2015 (650 cases)

This is a dry, elegant rosé made from none other than Pinot Noir grown in limestone and flint soils along banks of the eastern reaches of the Loire River. 100% Pinot Noir.


The Place

The vineyards scattered about the town of Gien in the eastern part of France’s Loire River Valley are often overlooked...and always underrated.  These vineyards are located on the eastern and western banks of the Loire River just north of Sancerre and Pouilly Fume.  Like its famous neighbors, Giennois is known for its crisp, pale white wines made from Sauvignon Blanc.  But Pinot Noir grows well here too, and produces steely, mineral driven dry roses that can be sipped all year long. 

The town of Gien is located on the eastern reaches of the Loire River just 50 miles from the city of Orleans.  In the 8th century, Charlemagne authorized the construction of a fortified mound around the site of the town’s present castle.  The German Luftwaffe destroyed most of the town during WWII in their attempt to blow up the bridge over the Loire to prevent the French army from retreating.  It was rebuilt after the war. 

Vineyard & Soils

Pinot Noir vines are planted on limestone and flint soils near the villages of Pougny.  The vines are trained in the classic guyot poussard style and are 25 years in age.  No fertilizers or chemicals are used on the vineyards.  The harvest date happens in September or October and is determined by a daily tasting and analysis of the fruit. 


The Pinot Noir berries are hand harvested and brought to the winery, where they are sorted and lightly pressed to release the rosy juice.  The wine undergoes a traditional, low temperature fermentation using native yeasts.  The wine then rests on the fine lees before bottling in mid-March.  

Tasting Note

Pale pink in color with subtle aromas of fresh strawberries and a touch of minerality and wildflowers. The wine’s flavors are pristine, offering a racy acidity that cuts across an array of flavors from fruity to earthy to floral.  The finish is mouth-wateringly immaculate. 



"Highly recommended! I love this wine! Fresh, fruity, perfect for summer. One of the best rosés from the Loire Valley." - Antoine, NYC

"If you want to try a French Rosé that's a little off the beaten path, get this bottle." - Tyler Balliet of Second Glass (Watch the video here!)