The Story

Wine is more than a drink.  It’s a product of the vine, the soil and the people who look after both.  Any good winemaker will tell you that great wine is made in the vineyard. No amount of manufacturing in the winery can create what happens naturally in the soil.  If planted in the right plot of ground and cared for properly, vines will produce fruit containing everything required to provide the warm glow of satisfaction you’re looking for after popping the cork. Great wine is like food.  Everything depends on the quality of the ingredients.

But, wine isn’t talked about this way enough.  Most luxury labels would rather talk about their brand new French oak barrels than the fruit harvested to make the wine. 

This is the equivalent of a chef who chats more about the pots and pans he’s using than the food he’s planning to cook.  When it comes to wine, some wineries talk about their barrels as if we are going to drink THEM, and not the wine inside them.

We started Earthshaker Wines as a way to offer distinct wines from lesser known regions and varietals for adventurous wine drinkers who care more about the place where the vines are planted than the barrels and tanks where the wine is kept. When looking for wines for our other label, 90+ Cellars, we often encounter wine from unique people and places that have been overlooked or under appreciated.  These are wines we think are special even if others have failed to notice, or as we like to think, haven’t noticed yet. 

It’s our hope that you will share the same love and enthusiasm for these wines as we do.  Be adventurous with us.  There are so many wines in this world to taste to be stuck drinking the same wine with every meal, every weekend.  It’s amazing where a bottle of wine can take you if you only give it the chance.